SoftBank Marketing Campaign Features Large Husky As Cellphone Strap

Posted Jun 10, 2009

SoftBank Corporation in Japan has launched a weird marketing campaign that features a giant husky plush toy to be the world’s biggest cell phone strap. The cellphone strap stuffed animal is 30 cm. tall and a limited 30,000 of these will be for sale.

SoftBank often times has weird commercials for the mobile phones that they sell. The commercial that they have for the iPhone features a family with a white husky dog as the father.

The cellphone strap campaign will no longer be around by the end of August. In the commercial above Japanese celebrity Aya Ueto is holding up a phone with the dog hanging from the strap and she strains her muscles. After complaining about how heavy the strap is, she proves that she can lift her brother a lot easier.

[via MobileCrunch]