SolarCity Corp (SCTY) partners with Best Buy to show consumers how to go solar

Posted Mar 12, 2014

SolarCity Corp (NASDAQ:SCTY) has established a partnership with Best Buy to show homeowners how they can go solar. SolarCity placed representatives in 35 California Best Buy stores. The program includes around 15 Best Buy stores in Arizona, Oregon, New York and Hawaii. SolarCity employees will allow shoppers to make estimates on the spot about how much electricity savings they could see if solar panels are installed and what it would look like.

“People go to Best Buy to buy all sorts of devices and appliances, and almost everything you buy consumes a tremendous amount of electricity — your flat-screen TV, your dishwasher,” stated SolarCity Chief Executive Lyndon Rive in an interview with the LA Times. “Now we can sell a product that addresses those energy needs.”

SolarCity had a similar partnership with Home Depot in the past and it was successful. In this case, SolarCity is offering customers that sign up for solar service before Earth Day with a $100 Best Buy gift card.