Sold Shuts Down And Team Joins Dropbox

Posted Nov 5, 2013

Sold is an app that was supposed to make selling easier.  Now Sold is shutting down their service and is joining Dropbox.  Sold is no longer accepting new items.  Users that still have items in the system will receive instructions on how to finalize transactions. 

Sold had a pricing calculator to help users estimate how much their items would sell for.  Sold took care of selling, shipping, and payments.  The Sold iOS app launched in April and an Android app in September.

“Hi, friends! We’re very excited to announce that Sold has joined Dropbox! As of today, our service will no longer be accepting new items,” said Sold on their homepage. “After spending time with Drew and Arash, we decided that the move to Dropbox couldn?t be better ? their roadmap includes exciting new experiences which align perfectly with our ethos of creating products that positively affect people. Going forward, the Sold team will continue working together to build these experiences, shaping the future of Dropbox for their 200M strong user base. It?s an opportunity too good to pass up.”

[Source: TNW]