Some Information About Windows Mobile 7.0

Posted Jan 6, 2008

In Redmond, Washington, Microsoft employees are working away on a mobile operating system that will prevent the iPhone from taking away much more spotlight than it already has. The iPhone made touch on mobile phones popular and other manufacturers weren’t too far behind from Apple. Within a few months of the iPhone release, the HTC Mogul 6800 was released. The Mogul can even be modded to look like an iPhone using a downloadable theme.

So let’s see what Microsoft is cooking with Windows Mobile 7.0.

The new Windows Mobile 7.0 will have touch gestures and users will be able to flick through lists, swipe sideways, draw on the screen, and pan. Scrollbars will be eliminate and will be replaced with a new scroll handle that gives the user multiple ways to find information.

“Windows Mobile 7 will use motion gestures, something the iPhone does not. It will not use an intricate and complicated series of gyroscopes and accelerometers. Instead, it will use the camera on the phone to detect motions and create appropriate actions. You will be able to shake, twist and otherwise manipulate the phone and get things done. The phone will be able to perform actions when placed face down on a surface, and it will know when it is in your pocket or bag [Source: InsideMicrosoft].”

Above is a preview of what the menu will look like and how scrolling will work on Windows Mobile 7.0. Scrolling up or down can be done with a finger.

Another interesting feature is multi-touch abilities. When a user places two fingers on the phone while doodling, the mobile operating system will be able to recognize both fingers at the same time.

When the phone is in sleep mode, the user can shake it without touching a button and the phone will wake up and display everything again. This is made possible with gyroscopes and accelerometers.

While surfing the Internet, the phone will be able to have multiple tabs open at once. The tabs can be found by selecting thumbnails of the pages.

Windows Mobile 7.0 will be expected to ship with mobile phones in 2009. Currently is it unclear about which phone manufacturers will embrace the new operating system. Apple’s iPhone is committed to a deal with AT&T until about 2011. This gives Windows Mobile 7.0 a solid 2 years to take over the market that is open around AT&T. This is not good news for Apple.