Some Of The Reasons Why WordPress Beat Movable Type

Posted Feb 10, 2011

WordPress is used by 13% of the 1 million biggest websites. In terms of competition, WordPress surpassed Movable Type, another blog content management system. Why is WordPress winning the battle? According to Byrne Reese, the former product manager of Movable Type and TypePad, there are several reasons why WordPress is winning.

According to Reese:
– Movable Type had a licensing issue that angered their community in 2004.
– Movable Type is not an open source platform like WordPress is.
– Movable Type is written in PERL while WordPress is written in PHP.
– WordPress has a lot more themes and plugins.
– WordPress is easy to install compared to Movable Type.
– Automattic has a solid sales team. They cold called a large number of companies to .

Reese worked at Six Apart between 2004-2008. Now he is a partner at Endevver LLC, a Movable Type consulting company.

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