Songkick Raises Around $1.1 Million To Help You Find Concerts

Posted Jun 27, 2008

Songkick is a website that does everything to help you find concerts.  They can find concerts near you by having you entering your location.  They can e-mail you alerts when concerts come up.  They’ve got a plugin that helps you find concerts of the artists that you have in your iTunes, Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Media Player libraries.

“We’re always adding more listings because we want to make sure we have every single concert in existenceâ??no matter how obscure the band or tiny the venue,” states the company’s About page. “We even index bands’ MySpace pages to make sure we have all their dates.”

Songkick is based in East London and was founded by Ian Hogarth, Pete Smith, and Michelle You.  The investment was provided by several personal investors.  One of the investors is Saul Klein, founding partner of The Accelerator Group.  Y-Combinator provided Songkick with their initial funding.

The company website is available at: VentureBeat broke the funding news.