Sony Announces Two New E-Series Walkmen

Posted Jul 11, 2013

Sony Corporation has announced two new E-Series Walkmen devices, the E580 and the E380, that have deep bass and 77 hours of battery life.  The Walkmen devices let you easily transfer music from PCs or iTunes.  The Walkmen E Series can easily fit in your pocket too.  The Walkmen have Clear Audio technologies to offer richly-detailed sound with powerful bass and crystalline highs between stereo channels.

The Walkmen lets you drag and drop songs, photos, videos, podcasts, and playlists (non-DRM content only) from Windows Explorer or your iTunes library.

The in-ear headphones have powerful digital noise canceling features that can cut intrusive background sounds by up to 98%.  This is great for when you are flying or commuting.  The new Walkman NWZ-E580 and NWZ-E380 video MP3 players will be available from Sony are available in Europe starting in July.