Sony Ending The Production Of The PlayStation 2

Posted Jan 2, 2013

Sony is ending the Japanese production of the PlayStation 2.  The PlayStation 2 first went for sale in March 2000 in Japan and has sold over 150 million consoles thus far.  The PlayStation 2 was very popular and outsold the PlayStation 3 for the first 3 years that the PS 3 was available.  By ending the production of the PS 2 console, this brings about speculation that the PlayStation 4 is being built.

Even though Sony is ending the production of the PlayStation 2 in Japan, this does not mean that any more games will be produced for the PlayStation 2.  The final installment of the Final Fantasy series called Seekers of Adoulin is expected to be released in March 2013.  The number of games that are believed to have been made for the PlayStation 2 is around 11,000.

Rumor has it that Sony will make announcements about the PlayStation 4 in mid-2013, but the company has not given any details around the specifications of the hardware or when it may be released.

[Source: BBC]