Sony Ericsson Announces Kita Phone Made For The Philippines

Posted Aug 10, 2009

Sony Ericsson announced a new mobile phone called the Kita.  The Kita is a slider phone that has gesture gaming.  There will be several gesture games preloaded on the Kita.

Specs of the phone include a 2.4″ screen that is 240×320 pixels with a 262,144 color TFT screen.  There are special keys on the phone intended for gaming.  The phone also has stereo speakers and a 5 megapixel camera.  The camera has autofocus and photo flash.

The phone is available in two color: Achromatic Black and Cranberry White.  The measurements of the phone is 100x48x15.7 mm and weighs 115 grams.  The Kita will be available in September 2009.  The Kita was made for customers in the Philippines.

The Kita is exactly like the Sony Ericsson Yari phone.  The reason why the Yari is called the Kita in the Philippines is because Yari is a bad word in the Filipino language.  The Yari was announced in May.

[via SEMC Blog]