Sony PlayStation 3 Hits 70 Million Sales

Posted Nov 17, 2012

Sony has hit a new milestone.  The company has passed 70 million units in sales for the PlayStation 3 console.  The company celebrated the 6th anniversary of the PlayStation 3 this past week.  Sony also reported 15 million sales of the Move Motion controller released in 2010.

 The PlayStation 3 has gone through several revisions since launching 6 years ago including a slimmer version of the console.

The PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network has also hit a milestone.  The company PlayStation Network has 170,000 digital content downloads and 57,000 game content downloads available.

Other Consoles

The Sony PlayStation 3 is slightly be hid the Microsoft Xbox 360.  Microsoft sold their 70 millionth Xbox 360 this past September.  And Nintendo hit 100 million total worldwide sales at the end of the third quarter for the Wii.