Sony Releases Two E-Reader Devices To Compete With The Kindle

Posted Aug 8, 2009

Earlier this week Sony announced the release of two new devices set to compete with the Kindle.  The two new e-readers will be priced at $200 and $300.  The PRS-300 is known as the Sony Reader Pocket and the PRS-600 is known as the Sony Reader Touch. Both will be available at the end of this month.

The Kindle 2 sells for $300 and the Kindle DX sells for $490, giving Sony a cost advantage.  The Sony Pocket will cost $200 and will have a 5″ display.  Colors for the Pocket will be available in blue, rose, and silver.  The device will be able to hold about 350 eBooks.

The $300 Sony Touch will have a 6″ touch screen display.  Sony Touch users will be able to take handwritten notes using a stylus and virtual keyboard.  All of the notes can be exported or printed.

One of the cons of both e-readers is that they do not work wirelessly.  Sony also plans to reduce the prices of their e-books in order to complete with Amazon and Barnes & Nobles’ e-book store prices.  For $10, Sony Touch and Pocket users can buy new releases and bestsellers.

[via Wired]