Sony SmartWatch Brings Social Networking To Your Wrist

Posted Apr 12, 2012

Sony Corporation has announced a new device called the Sony SmartWatch, which runs on Android. The Sony SmartWatch allows you to read text messages, social status updates, and e-mails. You can also control music and take phone calls on the device. The SmartWatch controls to your Android phone using Bluetooth.

The Sony SmartWatch is made out of rubber and it comes in different colors like white, mint, blue, and pink. The black strap is standard. On top of the strap is the watch’s touch-screen OLED is 1.3 inches. The watch vibrates when there is an incoming call or a text message.

The watch can run on a handset four days on a single charge and is dust and splash proof. The Sony SmartWatch is available for a cost of $149.99 is and available on the company’s online marketplace. The watch will be available at other retailers soon.