Sony Walkman Turns 30 Years Old

Posted Jul 1, 2009

Tetris turned 25 last month, the Nintendo Gameboy turned 20 in April, and now today the Sony Walkman turns 30 years old.  The Walkman revolutionized the way we listened to music in 1979.  Below is a timeline of events:

1979 – The first Walkman hit the shelves at a cost of $200 — the model number was the TPS-L2PC.  Don’t forget that $200 was quite a bit back then.
1981 – TPS-L2 was introduced in different colors
1983 – A smaller  walkman called the WM-20 was introduced and it was the size of a cassette tape case.
1984 – The CD Walkman was introduced
2000 – The NW-MS7 was released and it supported digital files

The Walkman is having a hard time competing against the iPod since it was introduced in 2001.   Sony has sold 7 million Walkmans in the year ended in March thus far.

[via BusinessInsider]