Sony Korea CEO Says That The 20-Megapixel Xperia i1 Is Coming By The End Of Year

Posted Jul 15, 2013

Sony Corporation is going to release a new Android phone that has a 20-megapixel camera called the Sony Xperia i1.  The Xperia i1 is similar to the Nokia Lumia 1020.  According to Pocket-Lint, the Xperia i1 has the code-name “Honami.”

The Xperia i1 will be released in South Korea first.  There’s no word on whether the U.K., U.S., or other parts in the world will get their hands on the Xperia i1.  There is speculation that the Xperia i1 is going to show up at the IFA press conference in Berlin this September.

The 20-megapixel camera is also expected to have an f/2.0 aperture and 5mm focal length.  The camera has BIONZ image processing and a Xenon flash.  The Xperia i1 will also have a Cybershot-branded camera application.