Sony’s Most Profitable Business Is Not Related To Gadgets

Posted Apr 30, 2012

Last week, Forrester CEO George Colony heavily criticized Apple CEO Tim Cook for not having the same charismatic abilities as Steve Jobs in an article entitled Apple = Sony. In the article, Colony claimed that having Tim Cook as Apple’s current leader will ultimately lead to their downfall just like Sony (post Morita). Jean-Louis Gassée of The noted in a rebuttal article against Colony that Sony’s most profitable business is financial services. This is like comparing apples and oranges. “How this leads to an = sign between Apple and Sony evades me,” wrote Gassée.

Sony Financial is a holding company for Sony’s financial services. It owns and oversees businesses like Sony Life Insurance, Sony Bank, Sony Assurance, and Sony Bank Securities. The market cap of Sony Financial Holdings Inc (TYO:8729) is $568.98 billion and they are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.