Sony’s Vaio Pro With A Sheet Battery Can Hit 25 Hours Of Life

Posted Jun 6, 2013

Sony’s newest laptops powered by Intel’s 4th generation Core Haswell processors touts some very high-tech features.  Sony said that their new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models of their Haswell-equipped Vaio Pro ultra books will be the world’s lightest ultra books.  The 11.6-inch version weighs only 1.9 pounds and the 13.3-inch version weighs only 2.33 pounds.  By combining these laptops with a sheer battery, you will really be able to get a long life out of each usage.

The 11.6-inch and the 13.3-inch Vaio Pro ultra books can be configured with an Intel Core i7-4500U processor that includes HD Graphics 4400.  Memory can be configured to 4GB or 8GB.  SSD storage can be set up to 256GB (11.6-inch) or 512GB (13.3-inch).  Both of the displays can be set to 1920 x 1080.  The displays use Sony’s Bravia Triluminos.  The Vaio Pros also have Sony’s proprietary X-Reality technology to optimize video playback quality.

Each of the Vaio Pros have a backlit keyboard, USB 3.0, USB charging, SD memory card slot, and HDMI-out.  Both of them run on the Windows 8 operating system.

The 11.6-inch Vaio Pro has 11 hours of battery life and the 13.3-inch Vaio Pro hits around 8 hours of battery life.  Sony is going to sell a sheet battery that can be connected to the base of the Sony Vaio Pros.  The 13.3-inch version will be able to hit a battery life of 18 hours and the 11.6-inch version will be able to hit 25 hours.

In terms of pricing, the 11.6-inch Vaio Pro will start at $1,150 and the 13-inch Vaio Pro will be available for $1,250.  They both will be coming later this month.