Soundcloud Hits 180 Million Users

Posted Dec 4, 2012

Soundcloud is a Berlin, Germany based music sharing website and mobile will soon be the dominant platform for the company according to founder and CEO Alex Ljung.  “It’s not a battle between video and audio, or audio and text – they are good for different things,” stated Ljung. “But sound is easier to create and to listen to in parallel while doing something else. Sound doesn’t need a screen.”

Soundcloud announced that their tracks are now shared, listened to, or uploaded by 180 million users per month.  Soundcloud revealed a new version of their website called “Next” today.

New features added to Soundcloud Next includes improved recommendations, search and discovery, and automatic “follows” for bands and artists that users like on websites they connect on like Facebook.  The music is easier to share with real-time comments and notifications between friends.

Soundcloud claims that around 10 hours of audio is being uploaded every minute.  Ljung said that Soundcloud will eventually host more content than YouTube.

Soundcloud launched in October 2008 and they received investment from Mary Meeker, Mike Volpi, and Fred Wilson.  Soundcloud has offices in Berlin, London, Bulgaria, and San Francisco.

Artists like The Deftones and Snoop Dogg have a large following on Soundcloud.  Snoop Dogg often uploads ideas and parts of tracks on Soundcloud and encourages users to remix them.  The BBC, Mayor Bloomberg, and The White House joined Soundcloud last month.

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