South African Man Taken To Court For Insulting On Facebook

Posted Jan 16, 2009

Duane Brady, a South African man from Eldorado Park, a city just south of Johannesburg had to show up in court for making rude remarks about his wife’s friend on Facebook.  Danielle Cox, his wife’s friend wasn’t too appreciative of the comments so she made sure that he was punished for it.

Brady appeared at the Kliptown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday with a charge of crimen injuria.  Captain Phillemon Khorombi  mentioned that Brady did not plead and he was in custody until he had his bail application complete.

Faan Coetzee, a lawyer in Johannesburg stated “If you write something on Facebook or on a website, it’s as good a shouting it from a stage.”

“You mustn’t think what you say on the web is less serious or less valid,” added Coetzee.  “If you are then charged and wanted to argue that it was a joke, you’ll have to prove it – as you would have to do in any other case.”

It’s interesting to see how things work in Johannesburg.  Be careful when using Facebook in South Africa, you never know if you’ll end up like Brady.