South Korea Ends Antitrust Investigation Against Google

Posted Jul 19, 2013

The country South Korea has ended their two year anti-competition investigation against Google’s Android smartphone operations there.  Allegedly Google pressured Android phone manufacturers to block search engines or applications that rivaled with them.  The investigation has been concluded with no finding of a violation of law, according to sources with PCWorld.

Daum and NHN, two Korean search engine companies, filed claims with the Fair Trade Commission in South Korea two years ago.  Daum said that Google influenced Android based manufacturers to block software services from being placed before Google’s own tools.

Google’s stance on Android is that the platform is open.  Carriers and OEM partners can decide which applications and services to include on Android based smartphones.  Google is still being investigated for an antitrust lawsuit in Europe.  The European Commission has been looking into Google since 2010 for favoring their own services over their competitors.