South Korean Blogger Park Dae-sung Arrested For False Report

Posted Apr 14, 2009

Park Dae-sung, a South Korean blogger was arrested for falsely reporting that the country of South Korea had banned banks from purchasing U.S. currency.  South Korean authorities will find out what his sentence will be on April 20, but there is a recomendation to an 18 month incarceration.

In the blogging community, Dae-sung is known as “Minerva.”  South Korea recently implemented a three strikes law targeting online copyright violations.  Anyone that repeats copyright violations online will have their Internet access cut off.

Major movie studios in America are also trying to push countries to implement three-strike laws for anyone that infringe on their copyrighted content.

Dae-sung had predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers which helped him garner a lot of attention to his blog.

[via Wired]