Spam-Generating Program Rustock Botnet Gets Taken Down

Posted Mar 17, 2011

[image credit: m86security]

The amount of junk e-mail being sent out plummeted today as the result of a coordinated takedown of the Rustock botnet. Rustock is one of the largest spam-generating programs. Rustock generally pushed online pharmacy and male enhancement pills into people’s inboxes. Apparently the servers used for coordinating these spam messages stop operating all at once.

Joe Stewart of SecureWorks monitors 26 Rustock command and control networks and none of them were responding. ?This looks like a widespread campaign to have either these [Internet addresses] null-routed or the abuse contacts at various ISPs have shut them down uniformly,? stated Stewart. ?It looks to me like someone has gone and methodically tracked these [addresses] and had them taken out one way or another.?