“Spider-Man” Movie May Get Some Spin-Offs

Posted Nov 23, 2013

Venom and Green Goblin may be getting their own movie spin-offs from the Spider-Man franchise.  Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal said that the studio is planning to release spin-off movies for supporting characters.

?We are going to access Marvel?s full world of Spider-Man characters, so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains,? stated Pascal during a presentation on Thursday.

Sony licenses Spider-Man from Marvel, which is owned by The Walt Disney Company.  Sony retained the rights to make films based on characters that help Spider-Man and battle against him too.  This could also include Black Cat, Rhino, and Electro.

The four Spider-Man films made over $3 billion across the world so it makes sense that Sony wants to find more ways to capitalize on the franchise the same way that Fox does with the X-Men and Wolverine movies.

Sony already remade the Spider-Man franchise by switching out Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire for Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield.  Sony’s next Spider-Man film is “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which is arriving next May.  Jamie Foxx is going to play Electro and Paul Giamatti is going to play Rhino.

[Source: The Wrap]