Sports Activity Monitor Trace Nears Kickstarter Goal Of $150,000

Posted Aug 30, 2013

Trace is a sports activity monitor device that makes action measurable, shareable, and comparable.  You can use the device to track, compete, and share data about your sports actions.  Trace uses inertial sensors and GPS technology to give you detailed information about every session you have.  Trace can identify a tre-flip down 10 days and detail every turn on a 100-yard Rincon.  It can also measure a backflip off a 20-foot kicker at Mammoth.

Trace comes with three apps for surfing, skating, and snowing on iOS and Android.  They will be available for free on iOS and Android when trace is released.

The Trace device uses Bluetooth 4.0 and can be mounted to any hard surface.  The device measures at 2 inches diameter and 0.86 inches tall.  The Trace device has a 7 hour rechargeable battery.  It is durable, shockproof, and waterproof.

[Source: Trace Kickstarter Campaign]