SportsClips.TV, “The YouTube of Sports” Launches With Revenue Model And Possible Funding

Posted Jan 29, 2008

SportsClips.TV, known as â??the YouTube of sportsâ? started about 2 weeks ago and launched with over 100 Sports Channels.  Users can upload and watch sports-related clips from around the world on the site.

â??We are sure that SportsClips.TV will be a huge hit just based on our initial response from high school and even professional athletes that we spoke to.  Whatâ??s great is that, besides the user-generated sports clips, we also have sports channels that are owned by SportsClips.TV.  Our owned sports channels contains high quality sports clips of sporting events throughout the world, including video player profiles of the best athletes in the United States, from middle school all the way to the professional level,â? stated Vernon Jones, the President of City Sports Media Network.  â??This is an incredibly useful tool for the high school athlete in particular.  They can go directly to PlayerProfiles.TV and it will send them to the Player Profiles channel within SportsClips.TV.  College coaches and scouts from every major college will be able to freely peruse the player profiles to see actual highlights and interviews of their potential recruits.  The players and coaches love it because itâ??s all video and if pictures are worth a thousand words then video is worth a million words.  If you want to read about the players then you can read our newspapers or visit our other sports media websites.â?

SportsClips.TVâ??s plan for revenue is to have sponsored channels and video ads embedded.  The company is also in talks with various media companies to gain sponsorship deals.  Jones also mentioned to Pulse 2.0 that the company would be receiving $2.8 million in funding within the next few weeks.

SportsClips.TV is a subsidiary of City Sports Media Network.  The company is based in Brooklyn.  Competitors of SportsClips.TV include TAKKLE and