SportStream Spins Out Of Evri With $3.5 Million In Funding From Paul Allen

Posted Jun 14, 2012

Evri is a Seattle-based startup that launched in 2007. The company has spun off social sports startup SportsStream with $3.5 million in funding from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The SportsStream app will be launching on the iPad to help users keep up with live games and trash talk on forums at the same time through different social media channels.

?If I watch a game at home, I?m always checking in to see what my friends, other fans, reporters and bloggers are saying and reacting to,? stated SportStream co-founder and CEO Will Hunsinger. ?With SportStream, we take the best of watching a game with your buddies and combine it with the conversation online.?

SportsStream will be based in San Francisco where Hunsinger resides. He will remain the CEO of Evri and Hunsinger will split his time between both cities. Below is a description of the app:

?SportStream also connects through Facebook to help you quickly find the games your friends are watching and join them. It also identifies the favorite teams and players you?ve ?liked? and provides a customized experience by automatically following the games you are most likely to be interested in. SportStream users get the information they crave, as the app shows only relevant social content to the selected game. Users can chat with fellow fans in rooms for each game or easily start Twitter and Facebook conversations specific to each game.