Spotify Announces Discovery Service, 5 Million Paying Customers, 1 Billion Playlists

Posted Dec 6, 2012

Spotify held a press announcement in New York City today where they announced several new features.  Frank Ocean performed a couple songs at the event and there was even an appearance from Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.  Ulrich is known for heavily opposing former music file-sharing service  Napster about 12 years ago. Napster was co-founded by Sean Parker, a current board member and investor in Spotify.

Some of Spotify’s new features include “Discovery” and “Collections.”  These features appear in tabs and they help users find music that they have not yet discovered before.

The Discovery tab shows music recommendations with some context.  For example, if you previously listened to David Guetta, then you might receive a recommendation for Avicii or Deadmau5.  The Collection feature lets you organize the music that you have already saved to Spotify.  There are new subsections like a “Recently added” tab to keep your music easier to navigate.  There is also an “Unplayed” banner that shows tracks that you not yet played.

Some of the milestones that Spotify has hit includes 5 million paying customers out of 20 million active users.  They have 1 million paying U.S. customers and about 70% of their profits goes to the rights holders, which totals to around $500 million to date.