Spotify Discover Launches For Everyone

Posted May 29, 2013

Streaming radio service Spotify has launched a new “Discover” feature for all of their users.  Spotify Discover allows users to to browse relevant artists and playlists based on their listening habits.  One of the new features added to Spotify Discover is Audio Preview, which lets users listen to new music without stopping the song that they are listening to.

When you click and hold the mouse over the play button on the Spotify Discover page, you will be able to listen to that song.  Once you release the mouse button, it will return to the song that you were listening to before.

You can see Spotify Discover on  Spotify Discover is going to be rolled out on the company’s desktop and mobile apps.  Spotify Discover launched last month in a limited release.

Spotify has over 20 million tracks for their 24 million monthly users to discover.  Spotify Discover utilizes similar algorithms built into Spotify Radio.  The Spotify Discover news feed will highlight new releases from artists that are followed by the user.  It will also contain tour dates and recommendations related to the track that is currently playing.