Spotify To Be Integrated With Ford SYNC AppLink For Voice-Activated Controls

Posted Feb 25, 2013

Spotify is a music company that is known for their downloadable music software for PCs and Macs.  It also has a mobile app that can be accessed for a monthly price.  Spotify has partnered with Ford as part of their first deal with a car manufacturer.  Spotify will be integrated with Ford’s SYNC AppLink.  Other music companies that have partnered with Ford include Rhapsody, MOG, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

Around one-million AppLink-enabled cars in the U.S. will receive an update to have Spotify added in a few weeks.  The Spotify app will be ready for owners of the new Ford EcoSport in Europe later this year.  The Ford SYNC AppLink lets drivers use voice-activated technology that can be connected to a number of different services.  This makes it possible for Ford owners to stay focused on the road.  SYNC AppLink can respond to commands like shuffle and play music