Spotify Goes Invitation-Only After iTunes Approval

Posted Sep 14, 2009

When Apple Inc. approved Spotify, it blew everyone’s minds. Apple had literally approved an iTunes competitor, a type of app that generally gets rejected quickly. Spotify is a Swedish P2P music streaming service that has almost no buffering delay and witnessed a huge demand on bandwidth when their iPhone application was approved. Because of the approval and bandwidth demands, Spotify had to become invite-only again for their membership services.

“We are going to have to temporarily reinstate our invite system in the UK. We are invite-only in all our other launch countries but we hope to be able to remove the need for an invite again very soon,” stated Spotify’s Andres Sehr in a blog post.

Playlists on Spotify can be created for free, but there are radio advertisements that are played in between songs. Spotify also allows users to create collaborative playlists which are given their own web addresses. Spotify was taken out of invite-only in February but had to go back because of the iPhone app. Those that are willing to pay to get direct access can register for Spotify will have to cough up £10 per month. The advantage of paying that price is that the music will be ad-free.