Spotify Launches App Platform For Developers

Posted Nov 30, 2011

Spotify has announced a new app platform today at a press conference in New York City. Some of their earliest app platform partners include Rolling Stone and Third party application developers will be able to build HTML5 applications that utilizes Spotify’s features. Spotify will be able to find apps through the “App Finder” section in the desktop Spotify software.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that the apps will be available to both free and premium users. As of right now the apps will only be available on Spotify’s desktop software. However Ek said that the company could implement applications on their mobile software if it ends up becoming popular.

Ek started the event by talking about digital music in general. He said that Napster had a profound influence on him, but the problem is that it was illegal. ?You need a better product than piracy to get people to start paying again,? said Ek.

Spotify currently has 15 million songs available in their library. They are adding over 20,000 tracks per day. Spotify has paid $150 million to record labels thus far. The company currently has 2.5 million paying customers. More than one-third of the Swedish population uses Spotify and they have reduced music piracy there by 25%.