Spotify Launching A Music Downloads Store and iPod Syncing To The Desktop Client

Posted May 4, 2011

Spotify is launching an iTunes rival of their own by adding a music downloads store and the ability to sync iPods on its desktop client. Spotify is also giving access to their mobile app to people that use their free service.

Spotify wants their music player and store to be the default for their nine million users. The desktop application scans the hard drive for MP3 files and imports them into the player. The Spotify desktop music player also has the ability to import iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists.

When plugging in the iPod classic, iPod nano, or iPod Shuffle into the USB port, Spotify will display the device in the Sidebar. Free Spotify users won’t be able to stream music from the catalog, but they will be able to sync and play their MP3 files in the application. The syncing can happen wirelessly through Spotify too. Check out the video below about the changes: