Spotify: App is now free on tablets, smartphone app gets shuffle feature, Led Zeppelin catalog added

Posted Dec 11, 2013

Spotify has announced today that their app for the iPad and Android tablets are now available for free as of today. In the past, the tablet app was only available for people willing to shell out $10 per month. The Spotify desktop or browser-based program is available for fee.

The tablet version is just like the desktop version, meaning that you can access specific tracks. The smartphone app is not like the PC service though. Now users can access their playlists and music albums, but they have to scroll through their lists randomly using a “Shuffle Play” button. Users cannot choose the exact song that they want to play right away.

“This is the way the next generation will build their music library,” stated Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. “It’s not about purchasing one song or other. it’s about adding it to a collection.”

Spotify allows users to pick songs that they want and add them to playlists while Pandora uses a shuffle-only model. Spotify now has 24 million active users and 6 million paying subscribers. But Pandora has 72.4 million active listeners and 200 million registered users. Pandora offers the benefit of allowing users to quickly access music through their website’s media player. There is a bit more friction in switching to Spotify because of the required desktop software.

Spotify users streamed over 4.5 billion hours of music in the past year. Around 1.5 billion playlists have been created and share. The number of new playlists being created every day is 1.5 million.

Spotify also announced that the Led Zeppelin catalog will be added to their service exclusively.