Sprint Corporate Brand Marketing VP Thomas Murphy Killed By A Boulder

Posted Aug 17, 2009

Rest in peace, Thomas Murphy.  Over the weekend Sprint Nextel Corporation’s Vice President of Corporate Brand Marketing Thomas Murphy was killed when driving with his wife Jennifer and three kids.  A boulder slammed through the car’s windshield when his family was driving in Snowmass Canyon, Colorado.

Murphy was driving a Cheavy Tahoe and they were driving downvalley on highway 82 when the rock hit.  Jennifer took control of the vehicle by putting it in neutral causing the car to stop between a nursery and a gas station at the right hand side of the road. The red sandstone rock was the size of a briefcase.

A similar incident took place a couple of weeks before on Frying Pan Road in Colorado.  During that incident, a boulder hit a couple’s Land Rover Discovery SUV.  The SUV was knocked down a 30 ft. embankment and into the river. Fortunately that couple made it out just in time without injury.

[via UPI/AspenTimes]