Sprint Corporation (S) Is Preparing To Launch Early Upgrade Program, ‘One Up’

Posted Sep 16, 2013

Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S) is gearing up to launch an early upgrade program called One Up.  The One Up program lets customers pay for smartphones and tablets in monthly installments.  Their devices can be upgraded every year after trading in their devices as well.  One Up is expected to launch on September 20th, according to CNET.

Sprint is not the only belle of the early-upgrade-ball.  T-Mobile started this type of program up in the U.S. in July through the Jump program.  AT&T launched Next and Verizon launched Edge after that.

Sprint One Up customers can get a phone with no money down and the devices can be paid for in 24 monthly installments.  If a phone costs $650, then it can be paid for at $27 per month.

After one year, the customer can upgrade to a new phone by trading in that device.  The One Up plan also includes unlimited talk, text, and data.  Plans on One Up cost as low as $65 per month, while T-Mobile’s comparable Jump plan costs around $70 per month.