Sprint Corporation (S) has dropped the One-Up plan in favor of ‘Framily’

Posted Jan 13, 2014

Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S) has dropped the One-Up program in favor of the “Framily” plan. The One-Up plan was actually dropped a few days ago. The One-Up plan offered a way to buy a smartphone with no down payment, depending on the device.

As part of the One-Up plan, customers would agree to 24 monthly installment payments for the device. After 12 consecutive installment payments, customers became eligible to give back their current smartphone and upgrade to a new smartphone by entering into a new installment agreement. Sprint offered discounts for several plans.

Sprint’s new Framily plan lets you pay $55 per month for unlimited texting and calling with 1GB of data. Every new person that joins the Framily (friends and family group) would lead to a drop of $5 for a maximum discount of $30 for each line. If you hit seven people in the Framily plan, the rate could be dropped to $25. Unlimited data can be added for $20 per month.

[Source: Fierce Wireless]