Sprint Employee Gets Fired For Leaking EVO 4G Numbers

Posted Jun 16, 2010

On June 4th, Sprint launched the HTC EVO 4G and announced on June 7th that the phone broke all sales records, including the Palm Pre launch.  Two days after that, the story was pulled back due to errors in the numbers.

The employee posted the numbers on phone hacking forum XDA-Developers:
?according to sprint we as a [company] have sold 66,483 theres a whole bunch of stores though that dont have any more inventory i dont think any major city sprint does?

This number is most likely based on sales at the Sprint stores, not third party retail companies.  The internal Sprint team traced the employee back to a store in Florida.  An internal security task force member flew from Kansas to Florida and discussed the employee’s posting habits.  The employee was then terminated on the spot.