Sprint Employees Getting Palm Pre Training On May 6

Posted May 4, 2009

In two days, Sprint employees will be receiving training on how to set up and sell the Palm Pre.  According to a user at SprintGuru, employees will be taking classes starting May 6.  The employees will have to leave behind cameras, iPhones, iPods, phones, etc.  There will be 1 Palm Pre available for every 5 trainees.  Each employee will have to sign an NDA as well.

The speech that will be made before the training will be as follows:
“As I?m sure you are already aware, the details of the Pre phone have been a closely guarded secret, and we?re proud of that. We?re excited to have reached a point where we can now share with you the details you need to know to support the product. However, this does not mean that our level of security has changed. In fact, we?re asking you to join the ranks of people who will keep the secret.”

This sounds very James Bond-like doesn’t it?  More information on this story as it develops over the next few days.

[via PreThinking]