Sprint is launching a new “Framily” plan

Posted Jan 8, 2014

Sprint is launching a new “Framily” plan to their network. Under this plan, you can share an account ID with up to 10 friends that are also on Sprint and is still billed separately. These plans start at $55 per month for an individual line, which includes 1GB of data and unlimited talk/text. If you want more data, 3GB costs an additional $10 and unlimited data is an extra $20.


The more lines that are on your account, the lower the prices will become. Every line that is added to the account drops $5 from the monthly price, which could bring you down to $25 per month.

These plans do not have a two year contract, nor does it have a device subsidy. The “Framily” plans will be available starting January 10th to new and existing customers. Customers that are on a traditional Sprint plan with a contract can sign up for the “Framily” plan, but there is a $15 per month surcharge.

[Source: TheVerge]