Rumor: Sprint may combine Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile to form “Sprint Freedom”

Posted Dec 31, 2013

SoftBank, the owner of Sprint, is reportedly working on acquiring T-Mobile in 2014. Sprint owns the pre-paid wireless companies Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Now there is a new rumor that Sprint will be combining Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile to create a single service called “Sprint Freedom.”

There is also a rumor that Sprint will be reviving the Nextel brand that was dropped earlier. The Nextel brand would replace Clear and go after business customers with premium plans and devices. This includes two hotspots and three tablets that can access the Sprint Spark tri-band 4G LTE service.

Nextel will offer unlimited data for hotspots with prices based on speed along with new group plans. Remember that this is simply just a rumor and it may not happen at all.

[Source: TechCrunch]