Sprint & Google Think I’m In Germany? [DOUBLE FAIL!]

Posted Jan 13, 2009

So I was surfing on the mobile Internets earlier today.   I opened up my Favorites on my Motorola Q and clicked on GMail.com.

The Google then told me:

“We can’t provide service under the GMail name in Germany; we’re called Google Mail here instead.

If you’re traveling in Germany, you can access your mail at http://mail.google.com.

Oh, and we’d like to link the URL above, but we’re not allowed to do that either.  Bummer.”

News about the Germans not allowing Google to use GMail.com is old news from June.  But here’s the thing:  When I got the message, I was in the U.S. of A and not in the DEUSTCHLAND!   Michigan to be specific.  Sprint and Google’s lack of intercommunication = Wireless Telecomm Double Fail!  Bummer.