Sprint Plans To Release Biodegradeable Samsung Reclaim Mobile Phone On August 16

Posted Aug 11, 2009

Within the next couple of weeks, Sprint plans to release a Samsung biodegradable mobile phone.  The Samsung Reclaim will have mobile web access, camera, GPS, slide out keyboard, etc.  The Samsung Reclaim will be eco-friendly and even calls out the T-Mobile Motorola Renew.

The Samsung Reclaim costs only $50.  Sprint will be paying Samsung “more than the usual amount of subsidies.”  The $50 price tag will require a 2 year contract with Sprint.  The Samsung Reclaim phone case is made out of biodegradable plastic partially made out corn.

?Samsung Reclaim is more than just an eco-centric device, it?s also a powerful and stylish phone that?s easy-to-use,? stated Samsung Mobile SVP of Strategy and Product Management Omar Khan. ?When you combine the Reclaim?s impressive feature set with its bio-plastic hardware and eco-centric packaging, you?re using a phone that is good for you and the environment.?

[via EveryJoe/AP]