Sprint Sold 2.2 Million iPhones In Q4

Posted Feb 7, 2013

Sprint has sold 2.2 million iPhones for Q4 2012.  Unfortunately, the company sells each device at a loss.  Selling that many iPhones was partially the reason why they reported a $1.3 billion net loss for the quarter.  The company aims to profit from each iPhone owner by phone plans over a two-year contract.

Sprint sold a total of 4 million long term evolution (LTE) based smartphones for Q4 2012.  Around 38% of all iPhones that were sold in Q4 were bought by new customers.

In 2012 as a whole, Sprint sold around 20 million smartphones including 6.6 million iPhones.  The company brought in a 40% new user base throughout 2012.  In 2011, Sprint entered a contract with Apple where they promised to buy $15.5 billion iPhone devices over the next 4 years.  Sprint predicted a deficit throughout 2012 as a result.  The company is hoping to profit from this deal after massive sales.

The company has LTE networks available in about 58 cities and they are looking to expand to 170 new places in the next several months.  The company has started constructing LTE in about 450 new places.