Sprint Store Fires Mike McGee and Paul Shoemaker For Chasing Down Thief

Posted Apr 28, 2010

“Mike and I thought we did the good deed of the day,” stated Paul Shoemaker. Sprint is being highly criticized for firing Paul Shoemaker and Mike McGee. Both of them worked at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center and they heard a security guard calling for help as he was chasing after a shoplifting suspect. McGee and Shoemaker sprang into action and chased the shoplifter down. McGee worked at Sprint for 4 years and Shoemaker worked there for 6 years.

Keep in mind that another this same mall is notorious for thieves. Bill Jordan had most of his pinky finger torn off when a thief tried to snatch away at his Apple store bag that contained an iPad in it. Jordan “was attacked at 4:30 the night before” according to Shoemaker. “I was working at the time, and you could see drips of blood — a trail of it on the lower level down by the food court.”

McGee and Shoemaker stopped the thief in the parking lot and dragged him back to the sidewalk. The security guard caught up and called the cops. One off-duty cop put the thief in handcuffs.

Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) investigated the incident and told both McGee and Shoemaker that they were fired as a result of the situation. Apparently Sprint has a policy that employees should not confront thieves. McGee and Shoemaker noted that the incident happened outside of the Sprint stores.

“I liked my job a lot,” McGee says, “and I didn’t want to lose it. But at this point, I’m not sure I could go back to it and be treated fairly anymore.” McGee and Shoemaker are now looking for new jobs. Nice job, Sprint. You might want to fix this PR mess. The story I’m linking to here hit over 802 Diggs and people are mad at you now. [Westword.com]