Sprint Corporation (S) to add WiFi calling, starting with Galaxy Mega and S4 mini

Posted Feb 21, 2014

Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S) has announced that they are bringing WiFi calling to the Samsung Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4 mini. The two phones will receive over-the-air software updates that will give them the ability to make phone calls over WiFi.

Sprint will roll out WiFi call to other devices throughout 2014 as well. Sprint customers that activate WiFi calling through an app that comes with the update will be able to send/receive phone calls and text messages over their home and business networks or other WiFi hotspots. The service will be available free of charge. If you are on a metered message plan, WiFi calls and texts will not be deducted from the monthly buckets. 

There is no way to transition between WiFi and cellular networks though. This means that if you make a phone call on WiFi and leave your home, the call will drop instead of moving over to the Sprint CDMA network.

[Source: Gigaom]