Square Acquires New York Design Company 80/20

Posted Oct 1, 2012

Mobile payments company Square has acquired a company called 80/20.  80/20 is a design firm based in New York and Square is based in San Francisco.  80/20 specializes in user interface design, designing the parts of apps, websites, and devices.

Designing mobile apps can be very challenging so Square wanted some help.  80/20’s creative designers will remain in New York in the SoHo area.  Around 50,000 of Square’s customers are based in New York including small coffee shops.  80/20’s designers previously worked at Apple and Adobe.

80/20 has around a dozen designers that will only do design work only for Square now.  Their past clients include WB, Comcast, and Fidelity.  They have designed a dashboard for Better Place and a fitness watch for Motorola in the past.