Square and Griffin partner to create a phone and reader holder case

Posted Jan 5, 2014
Square and Griffin Technology has announced at CES that they have created a case that can protect your iPhone and safely store your Square device with it. Several third-party developers have built cases for readers and key chains for Square, but this is believed to be the first one created through a partnership between Square and another company. Known as the Merchant Case + Square Reader, the case currently supports the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. The price is $19.99 and it includes a Square Reader. You can order the product at this link.
?Griffin is proud to be Square’s inaugural partner in its Works with Square program,” stated J. Curtis, Director of B2B Product Development at Griffin. “Our Merchant case is the first protective case designed to augment and provide storage for the Square Reader. Paired together, our Merchant case and Square Reader create the ideal point of sale solution for all businesses on the go.?
Square announced a new initiative called Works with Square. This initiative lets developers build accessories for Square’s businesses. The first partnership is the one between Square and Griffin.
The silicone case protects your iPhone from bumps and drops. The non-slip sides and corners makes the case and iPhone easy to hold onto when using it and when you hand your iPhone over to get the customer’s signature. The case is custom-molded to secure the included Square Reader when connected. There is a groove in the bottom of the case that aligns with the Reader to guide the customer’s card into an easy swipe. After the day is done, you can detach the Square Reader and store it in the back of the case.