Square COO Keith Rabois Says Mobile Apps Are Killing The Web

Posted Apr 8, 2012

Keith Rabois, the chief operating officer of Square, was interviewed by BusinessInsider and the answers he gave were slightly controversial. Especially when asked about whether he believes that the desktop based browsing was dying. “So for example, which is going to be more important to the future of society: a website with www-dot-url or one of these? [pulls out his iPhone].”

Then BusinessInsider went on to talk about how Larry Page once mentioned that the Internet has a tendency to to revert back to balkanized walled gardens. “I don’t know. Each of these apps [on his iPhone] is sandboxed. I actually find it to be a quite high quality user experience. I don’t have any problem opening an app for Twitter or opening an app for Facebook or opening Yelp, Square, or my calendar app. So I’m not sure about how much it matters,” said Rabois.

While I do agree that some people prefer to use mobile apps over their desktop counterparts, I would say that the Internet is more alive today than it ever has been. I would just say that the main difference between the Internet today and years ago is that we have multiple ways to access the Internet. You can browse on video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, “dumb phones,” etc.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Rabois?