Square Is Paying For Keith Rabois Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Posted Jan 30, 2013

Keith Rabois is the former chief operating officer of Square that stepped down amidst a sexual harassment scandal.  Rabois had denied the accusations and said that the offer by the employee’s lawyer to settle for millions “felt like a shakedown.”  The name of the employee that is suing him, but we do know that he ended up getting a job at Square with the help of Rabois’ recommendation.

Richard Curiale of Curiale Wilson will be representing Square and Rabois in the lawsuit.  The man that is suing Rabois is represented by Steven Berger of Berger & Webb.

Square investigated the matter and also determined that Rabois did not conduct any wrongdoing which is why they are covering the lawsuit.  Rabois stepped down from the company since he felt like he created a distraction for the company.