Square Launches Hands Free Payments Feature In iPhone App

Posted Nov 2, 2011

Mobile payments company Square has added a new feature to the Card Case digital wallet application. This allows users to walk into a store and pay without having to take out their phone. All they have to do is say their name and their order.

In Card Case 1.1 for the iPhone, a new tab will be opened with participating merchants after walking into their location and opting in. The app utilizes the geo-fencing capabilities in iOS 5. The Card Case app can detect a user’s presence within 100 meters of a location. The merchant will be able to see the face of the user on the Square register iPad app.

The merchant rings them up with a receipt sent to the user and the money is pulled from their credit or debit card loaded on the Card Case application.

?This is truly the most seamless way to pay,? stated Square director of products Megan Quinn. ?It becomes more about the interaction between customer and merchant and that relationship rather than the actual act of the payments. We want to make payments fade away. People don?t appreciate that; they enjoy making a purchase and feeling like a regular at places they shop.?