Square turns off Square Wallet, launches Square Order

Posted May 12, 2014

Square has removed the Square Wallet app from the Apple and Google app stores. However, Square has launched a new service called Square Order, which lets shoppers pay and place pick-up orders from coffee shops, cafes, and other merchants from their smartphones.

Square Wallet launched three years ago to let coffee shop and restaurant customers to use payment information stored in the app to pay for goods by checking in to a shop through the app and giving a cashier their name at checkout. This was supposed to make it easier than swiping a physical payment card. Wallet did not attract as many customers as hoped.

Square Order is a payment product that should be appealing for small business customers. People that download the app can avoid waiting in line by ordering food or a drink from their phone before arriving at a shop listed in the app. Square will continue supporting the Wallet app for people that have already downloaded it, but it will not be available for new users to download it. The Square Wallet app has not ranked in the Top 200 free Finance apps in the Apple App Store for a while now. And Starbucks did not push Square Wallet as much as they expected either.

Square Order will compete against apps like PayPal and Tapingo, which already lets customers place orders for pickup using mobile phones. GrubHub and Seamless also lets users set up pickup orders. However, it appears that the type of businesses that Square is working with are not the ones that are most likely going to list with delivery companies.